About Us

Artshop Egypt is a premier seasonal decorations company that has been in the market for twenty years.

We specialise in the design and installation of large-scale seasonal decorations for compounds, shopping centre, holiday parks, hotels, business premises and more.

We import and produce the latest styles at a great value, together with an ability to surprise and delight in decor and gifts.

The Setup, our Retail Shop provides seasonal decorations and design solutions to individual events.


Our team travels semi-annually to world renowned exhibitions in seasonal decorations and events management to bring you the most up-to-date out of the box designs.

We work carefully with our clients to customize exclusive marketing solutions that does not only make your firm stand out but rather thrive amidst competition. You plug into us; we plug you to the rest of the world.


We are the first marketing firm in Egypt to manufacture and program proprietary kinetic structures.

We are working in collaboration with major kinetic and electric decoration element’s manufacturers in Europe to bring you the latest technology.

Our R&D involves projects that range from programming façade lightning decorations with proximity sensors to conduct merchandising research.


We are not only an agency; we are the manufacturers as well. ARTSHOP has been the main supplier & importer for most events management agencies and many renowned clients in Egypt.

Everything we design is produced in house, hence we save our clients commission and outsourcing costs.

Our production incorporates a diverse range of materials such as wood, foam, metal, cloth, plastic and fiberglass.

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